Monday, June 25, 2012


summer is flying by. i cannot believe this is the last week in june already. i mean, really?!?!? seems like it was just the end of may. oh well! lp and i went to see a really great play this week. it's called "the animals and children took to the streets" and if you ever see if coming to your town, go see it. it's a mixed media play, so there is animation that the actors actually interact with, along with great acting and music. 

this weekend we headed up to nyc to see baby tj!!! lp's sister had him in may and we've been DYING to go see him. let me tell you, i think he is the cutest and sweetest little thing ever. he barely cried and only when he was hungry or had a dirty diaper. i mean, come on!! he was such a little love and i'm so glad we got to visit everyone. 

tea party at work

                crazy amount of people on the metro                the heat is really getting to weebay

 weebay's favorite place to ride in the car-my lap                     second favorite-out of the window

kathleep and tj!!

prospect park

tucker jennings

weebay had to lay under his stroller to protect him

sarah and tj

weebay was so protective of tj. he would follow sarah around if he was crying and whine until she fed him or changed his diaper. it was really adorable and sweet (and surprising)

needed a coke before we went out for the night

new favorite spot. floorboard of the passenger seat.
loved the backseat until he was ready to be back up front with us!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

a little of this and that

this week....

i'm eating this

i'm wearing these

i'm using this (for the first time in months)

i'm reading this

i'm listening to this

Calling and Not Calling My Ex by Okkervil River on Grooveshark

it's been so hot here. weebay just wants to run like crazy and then pass out for hours. it's so humid i actually busted out the chi again. and i'm living in shorts. i just finished "the night circus" and let me tell you, it's awesome. i highly recommend it to anyone. it's the story of a fantastic circus that's only open at night. they have all kinds of unique and wonderful things, including fantastical tents, an illusionist and hints of magic everywhere. loved it. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


thursday of this past week, i was an idiot and i got locked out of our house. getting back in entailed attempting to scale the fence, realizing it was about to fall over, enlisting the construction workers and calling lp. he laughed at me. so typical. luckily it wasn't raining and the weather was ok and weebay was with me!!

i went to san antonio this past weekend for eric, kristen, gabe and me to have our annual friend weekend (aka friendiversary). it started just eric, kristen and i but gabe has always ended up there and we all love him so much that he's now a part of it too!!! it was so relaxing and just great to see my friends that i never get to see. 

popcorn after getting locked out. this stuff was awesome!!

lp and i went to the howard theater thursday to see tinariwen. they were great (as always). 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

little bits

i used to work with a kiddo who has the most wonderful mom. i mean, not more wonderful than my mom (love ya moms!!) but wonderful as a person. one day, she brought in a bunch of pink gerber daisies for me just because she thought i might like them. the little girl now sees another therapist (just because of scheduling, not because i'm a sucky speech pathologist!!!) but they will still bring myself and the other therapist starbucks or little treats for no reason.

the last time she did this i realized how amazing it really was. not for her, because i'm sure it just seemed like a small thing for her, but for us it was a huge deal. i decided that i am going to try to be this kind of person for someone each week. the kind of person who brings someone a little pick me up, or gives them a phone call or sends a card. i want to see how long i can do it because i want to be that person- the kind and thoughtful friend who surprises people to brighten their day. not because i want anything but because i want other people to feel like i did the last time that mom brought me a coffee during a really long and stressful day.

i started this week. i had told the kids i work with at the school that we would have a donut party this week since it was their last week of school. i picked up some munchkins for the ladies i work with at school, hoping to give them a little pick me up for the last week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

this week

i'm eating these

i'm wearing these

i'm reading this book

i'm listening to this album

Lazuli by Beach House on Grooveshark

i want to go here


i've been having what i call "the best weekends ever." lp laughs at me because pretty much anytime that we have no plans, get to hang out outside and play with weebay, i tell him about 100 times how it's the best weekend ever. now it's our little joke and he asks me at throughout the weekend if i'm having the best weekend ever. i just love him.

anyway, we did have the best weekend ever. it kind of actually started wednesday. lp has bought us season tickets to a small theater in our old neighborhood the past two years and so wed we went to see one. it was called "bachelorette" and we both really liked it. apparently, some other people (um, old-er people) did not like the play. possibly because there were drugs, sex, and a general sense of debauchery about the play. but, it was all in the little write up about the play! and the play write (is that how you spell that? i don't think so but i'm too lazy to check) had written it as part of a series of plays about the seven deadly sins (this one was gluttony). but lp and i liked it a lot.

thursday we both had little work happy hours that we ended up combining (teamwork!). and friday we grilled hot dogs, drank some beers and sat outside and talked for a long time. saturday was pride and then lp made us all fajitas. sunday was lazy sunday. i mean, i took a nap. A NAP! i never do that. it was seriously one of the best weekends!!!!

the kids at the school i work at put on a meeting to discuss funding for charter schools. so amazing to see kids excited and involved about their education. 

my new dress. i love it. of course it has stripes. 

inspection station in dc. there is one. and a crazy line. i was in a line, on a street, not even into the inspection station. for almost 2 hours. 

weebay loves english bulldogs. and french bulldogs. and big huge dogs. 

ha! the dog with the ball kept pecking him on the head with the ball. i was dying laughing. it's the only time he's walked away from a dog fight. 

jealous that i was petting this sweet dog. 

girl scout convention on the mall!!!!!

for lp. 

worn out.